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I think the best way to introduce myself is to convey to you my understanding of astrology. I am self-taught; life has been my teacher. Born 1955 and growing up in Germany I was very sceptical if not cynical towards any esoteric material and dismissed astrology like tea-leaf readings as absurd. At 17 I received my first reading from a friend of mine, a student of psychology, and impressed by the depth of his insightful reflections I realised that my dismissive attitude was based on ignorance. I got hooked. On my friend’s advice I studied C.G. Jung’, one of the founders of modern psychology who himself was an astrologer. Besides C.G. Jung there were then only few books of Dane Rudhyar available, who was one of the first pioneers of psychological astrology. In the late 70’s I found Stephen Arroyo and Liz Green on the book shelves, which revolutionized the astrological thinking and lured me further into it. The late Howard Sasportas greatly enriched my understanding. My life, however, took a turn away from the psychological view towards spirituality. On my journeys through India I met a few so-called ‘enlightened’ people who radically changed my perception of life. Through the studies of the Upanishads and the teachings of those enlightened masters my psychologically based view of astrology became mystified. Now after practicing astrology for the last 35 years my basic intention is to give the individual psychological insights into the function of his or her psyche, to give clarity to the three basic psychic functions: intention, feeling and thinking, as well as to rekindle wonder and magic.
Clarity of intention enables one to act independently and deliberately based on individual responsibility and freedom of choice. Clarity of feeling enables one to root into the silence of an unwavering heart, which is basically harmonious and content, where no doubt of one’s self-worth exists. Clarity of thinking enables one not only to express oneself clearly with sense and purpose, it also enables one to differentiate between an authentic speaker and a mechanical repeater, which is the difference between having silence between the ears or a never-ending chatter-box.

Astrology can be used as a mirror or as a lens. As a mirror it becomes a kind of cosmic life coach, for it clearly reflects to each individual his or her talents or innate qualities and of how to utilise them. This is also the psychological approach to the spiritual quest of “Who am I?” and “What am I here for?” Viewing life through the astrological four-coloured lens, life becomes wondrous. The most wondrous view one can have through this lens is cosmic unity. Hence, viewing life through this lens one learns to live and speak the cosmic language of peace and unity. The astrological language is based on mythology, which is the oldest form of spirituality and psychology. Mythological stories illustrate vividly the function of the human psyche. Listening to these stories and seeing their images mirror to us our human behaviour-pattern or habits, and thus enable us to either make sense of our condition or to laugh about our reflections. Either way we de-personalise any problem and thus take the sting out it, the anxiety, guilt or judgment. Being not attached to any problem we are free to design our own way of life.

Humans from all walks of life have come for consultations: administrators, doctors, builders, psychologists, secretaries, artists and craft-persons, husbands and wives, young and old. The testimonials of all those who were seeking astrological counsel and found clarity are the true credentials of astrology. Naturally, not every astrologer can give insights to everyone, like not every enlightened master (Buddha), son of God (Jesus) or messenger of God (Mohammed) can enlighten, redeem or liberate every single soul on earth. Not that there are too many –in fact, from a cosmic point of view, there is only one soul, if we take the soul to be the core-essence of existence- but there are many different varieties and thus there are many different approaches.
For example, in an esoteric but simplified way there are the different approaches of head and heart, like Zen and Sufism. To whom or what you listen to depends on what you are more attuned to, without negating or dismissing the other. The beauty of astrology is that it taught me to see those individual preferences or inherited cosmic patterns through the four coloured lens. This lens represents the four elements used in astrology, as well as the four psychological types of feeling, thinking, sensation and intuition, stated by C.G. Jung. This lens allows me to see each individual in his or her own beauty, it allows me to see existence through many different eyes and thus it allows me to see a cosmic unity, a beautiful, mysterious inter-galactic connectiveness, which gives me a lot of flexibility to find common ground, the needed rapport for any astrological session.
The ability to predict comes through the understanding of the patterns involved, as for example understanding the notions of the planets can give us the knowledge to predict when and where the sun will rise. Learning to understand the patterns anchored in your psyche helps you to master your own destiny.

Sieghart Rohr

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